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Lauren & Sir Studly (Sponsor needed)


Sabrina & Dude (Sponsor needed)


Erin & Roxy (Sponsor needed)


Aurora & Desert Rose (Sponsor needed)


Whispering Canyons is my home away from home.  I feel happy, safe, and a place I can be me.  I had never riden horses in my whole life before I came to Whispering Canyons.  I came just to feed and water horses.  I fell in love with a horse named Chili and he showed me what it meant to be loved by a horse.  I now ride Desert Rose and we together are becoming a beautiful team.  The most important tools I have learned at the ranch are self-confidence, love (even when your horse just threw you in a mud puddle), hard work, and courage.  I will forever be greatful for these tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 




Ashelyn & Makawea (Sponsor needed)


Lyn & Loki (Sponsor needed)

I'm Lyn, and this is my horse, Loki.  At the moment he is 5 months old and doing great in training.  He's an orphan, so I'm doing my best to raise him well and not overdo anything.  He's made me so happy for the past few months.  Of course, this is all thanks to Merrill.  He made the ranch possible, and I'm so very thankful that we were able to save Loki.  I've never been happier in my life, and none of this would have happened without them.  This is the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

Rachel & Jynx (Sponsor needed)


Savanna & Midnight (Sponsor needed)


Darcy & Scout (Sponsor needed)


Jessica & Panika (Sponsor needed)


Mila & Shiloh (Sponsor needed)

Joining the program Whispering Canyons is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me and has changed my life. My first day joining the program was incredible, everyone was, and still is, so welcoming and kind to me. I have had my horse Shiloh since July 2019, and I love her so much. Shiloh is my best friend and is stubborn, very sweet, and fun. I can't imagine my life without Whispering Canyons. I have gained a lot of joy and comfort since joining the program. There's nothing like riding a horse with the wind blowing through your hair and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I'm so grateful for Merrill and all of the people at the ranch.





Ava & Sadie (Sponsor needed)

Meet Ava and Sadie! ? These two are two peas in a pod! Both have so much love, silliness, a lot of sassiness, and can relate well with each other overcoming struggles whether it be from physical injury, mental or emotional injury, these two have an undeniable bond! Ava’s struggled with mental illness that carries a lot of anxiety for her with it, and before Whispering Canyons, everyday was a struggle. So...How much weight can a horse carry?

In my experience, a horse can carry an infinite amount.

They can carry the weight of broken hearts, broken homes, broken minds, and broken bodies. Countless tears sometimes comb their tangled manes. Moments when parents and friends cannot be there to help and hold a person, horses embrace and empower. They carry physical, mental, and emotional handicaps. They carry hopes and dreams; and they will carry the stress from your day when you can't carry it anymore.

They will carry you to success when all you have felt is failure. They will carry you, never knowing the weight of your burdens and triumphs.  If you let them, they will carry you through life, and life is hard, life is heavy. But a horse will make you feel weightless under it all.     - Sarah Huffman


Courtney & Brandy (Sponsor needed)

Meet Courtney and her horse Brandy.

Whispering Canyons has been a huge blessing in Courtney's life. It has helped pull her out of depression, taught her that she is capable of doing hard things, given her confidence in herself, and has brought her smile back.

It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside, she's always looking forward to the time she gets to go spend at the ranch cleaning out her horses stall, grooming and caring for her horse and of course riding...heat, rain, snow, it doesn't matter what it's like outside, she's always excited and ready to spend time at the ranch. 

We will forever be grateful for this foundation and for the changes it has brought to our sweet girl.

Taylor & Ivy Rose (Sponsor needed)


Layla & Lady Joy (Sponsor needed)


Kembrie & Rosy (Sponsor needed)

When I first came, I knew nothing at all and I was scared of my horse I was assigned to.  She would rear and buck something crazy.  I couldn't even bring her out by myself or stand up for myself much.  Coming here has helped boost my confidence both physically and mentally.  With good friends by my side helping each other, anything is possible.  The ranch has taught me more about horses than I ever imagined.  I know that this ranch has helped so so much.  So, thank you Merrill for letting me in and thank you to my good friends for helping me.

Nichole & Elsa (Sponsor needed)


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