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Mila & Shiloh (Sponsor needed)

Joining the program Whispering Canyons is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me and has changed my life. My first day joining the program was incredible, everyone was, and still is, so welcoming and kind to me. I have had my horse Shiloh since July 2019, and I love her so much. Shiloh is my best friend and is stubborn, very sweet, and fun. I can't imagine my life without Whispering Canyons. I have gained a lot of joy and comfort since joining the program. There's nothing like riding a horse with the wind blowing through your hair and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I'm so grateful for Merrill and all of the people at the ranch.




Braelie & Cherokee (Sponsor needed)

Braelie has grown so much from this program. She has some anxiety and is very shy and being around the horses and the other girls, as well as the people who run the program and all the volunteers, has helped her to be able to open up and show who she really is! We are so grateful for this program.







Erin & Buck (Trainer)

My experience after I joined the program was incredible.   I learned a lot from other members and volunteers and I grew a lot as a person.   Learning horsemanship has also helped me in other areas in my life as well.  Being able to work with a horse gives me something to look forward to every day. 



Ashelyn & Makawea (Sponsor needed)

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Whispering Canyons Foundation. The ranch has done me a big favor of helping me cope with my anxiety, it’s similar to horse therapy.


It seems like a big job, which it is but it helps distract from things that are bothering you, it gives you different things to focus on. For example, you clean the stall, feed, and water, clean the horse, work with the horse, and you can ride. There are many people that you can ask for help, there are trainers as well to help with things you need to do.


I am just very glad I was able to be with Whispering Canyon, it’s such fun and full of experience, no other place I wanna be than there. Nothing but good times, muddy clothes, and cold hands. It’s the best when we ride together, bonding is always made.


Merril is a great guy, he is so helpful and just a nice person to be around. Whispering Canyons wouldn’t be anything without him. Merril makes everybody’s day, he is a great teacher, nothing more that I can say except I am grateful he is here.




Darcy & Risky (Sponsor needed)

        I have learned alot about myself and how to communicate well with others horses as well as humans from this program. I have also learned so many important life skills.

        I have been in this program for almost 7 years and I have seen things change alot. The thing that I love the most is how working with horses changes people. I have seen many girls come, including myslef, that are super shy and keep to themselves. As they work and bond with thier horse you can see a completely different girl. I have had many amazing friends that I wouldn't have had the chance to know any other way. The opportunities I have had because of this proram have completely changed my life. 





Taiya & Brandy (Sponsor needed)

I always wanted to barrel race and do poles and I love Brandee because she's the only thing that could've made my childhood dreams come true! Being able to have a bond with a horse, like I have with Brandee, has made me realize that it all gets better even when it's hard. 






Taiya & Trigger (Sponsor needed)

I love coming everyday knowing that I have him waiting for me. I love that I'm the one who gets to train and teach him everything and make him my horse. He's helped me learn to have patience and appreciate the small things instead of only focusing on the big things. 


Keyara & Reality (Sponsor needed)



Paige & Tennessee

      From this program I have learned respect and how to be more confident. My favorite part of this program is how I have learned not to give up when things get hard or don't turn out the way I expected. I have had things push me to give up but I have been taught that loving things is sometimes tough when they leave. 



Macy & Willow



Katherine & Cinnamon

         I've been a participant of this program for a little over a year. I have learned how to ride better and how to train a horse with more than what I see my cousins do. I have also learned how to be more confident in my abilities with horses.  

         My favorite part of the ranch is my horse Cinnamon. She is my best friend and she has helped me so much. Training her has helped me with my anxiety and has made me more confident. I have always had a problem with letting people push me around but I couldn't let Cinnamon do that so I am able to stand my ground here at the ranch with my horse as well as at school with my peers. This program has taught me how to handle difficult situations and to not let my fears win. 

          I was scared to lope a horse before I joined this program because I was afraid of falling off. I have fallen off my horse lots of times but I just get back up and get back on my horse because that is the best thing I can do for myself. 

Olive & Lettie


 I have been in this program for just over a year. I have learned to accept what is, to absorb ideas, and to treasure the little wins. I have learned to keep calm in very stressful situations and how to handle them as they come. 

       I love the horse that I have been working with. I have gained so much confidence since starting the proagram and working with Lettie. I have discovered a passion in horses that I would have never otherwise discovered without this program.


Courtney & Azreal

        I have learned self-reliance from being in this program. my favorite part of being in this program is that I get to take care of my horse. He is a bit of a stinker but he is still a loveable sweet boy.



Lilly & Armoni


Madi & Skeet

       Being in this program has taught me how to be more confident in myself and riding. I love being here with all the adults and girls. This program is amazing I don't know what I would do without it. 

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