Merrill's Story & Our Beginning

Merrill helping on of our girls at a 4-H competition.

Whispering Canyons Foundation, Inc. is a 501-c3 foundation today thanks to the hard work of many caring people and volunteers. The journey began in the spring of 2008 when I returned from living in Canada for a year to my three mares and a new foal. While my wife and I had been away, my good friend had some pasture and agreed to take care of them. When I returned home to Utah, I moved my horses to some stalls closer to our home, making it easier to care for them. Another friend had an energetic young daughter that needed something different in her life and I needed someone to help work with the horses.  I talked with her about this and in return for helping me, I would teach her the basic fundamentals in Western Horsemanship. It was not long before she brought a friend or two along with her. Before I knew it, I had at least three girls coming for lessons during the week. I enjoyed seeing them learn horsemanship skills; but in addition, I saw them improve in school as well as at home. This happened due to their increased self-confidence and their ability to communicate.


As the program grew, it became clear that the teens drawn to it were those who really needed it due to various life circumstances.  More and more teens were asking if they could join the group! It also became increasingly difficult to fund the feed and equipment needed, so I took a part time job to help with expenses. The whole time the girls were doing great! They came to clean their stalls, groom, and care for their assigned horse and soon grew to love that horse. These tasks taught them responsibility.


The foundation idea came about as I talked with Amy Coppieters, a supporter of the program. I told her that I had been thinking of applying for a grant to help with expenses. After talking to her husband Steve, she came back with the idea of starting a non-profit foundation. We asked Steve to do the paperwork and after about eleven months of hard work we were approved and became the Whispering Canyons Foundation, Inc. We are all excited at the changes that have taken place in the lives of these girls, and look forward to a successful future for our foundation in the goals of helping many more.


Merrill Gould




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