Projects For 2021

Please explore the different ways you can help our organization.

Horse Obstacle Course

We are in need of someone to help repair and maintain our obstacle course.  Due to the heavy winds and rain lately and to horse use our obstacle course is in need of some TLC.  We use the obstacle course as a desensitization tool for our horses and are hoping to have community horse obstacle runs on a monthly bases.  If you are interested in helping us with this project please contact Merrill @ (435) 730-2136.

Our Projects on JustServe

We are working with JustServe, an amazing website that brings organizations and volunteers together to do good things in communities. This organization helps bring hundreds of projects to people who want to give back to their community.  If you would like to help us through JustServe, please click on the JustServe Logo.  

Painting Our Horse Trailer

September 9, 2021


UServeUtah and United Way are paint our horse trailer.  We have been in need of a new paint job for some time and UServeUtah has graciously responded to this need.  They are donating all the funds needed to make this project a success.  United Way is providing the workers who will be painting our trailer. 


If you like to help, please call Heidi at (435)258-8813. 


Thank you UServeUtah and United Way from all of use at Whispering Canyons for the much needed service you are providing.

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