Meet the Girls

Kyra and Sadie (Sponsor needed)


Kyra loves Whispering Canyons! She has been able to be a part of the program since January.  She has always LOVED horses and to ride since she was five years old.  Her late grandfather introduced her to them and she was hooked. She has dreamed of having one of her own but it was always out of reach.   Her grandpa probably would have helped that dream come true but passed away suddenly when she was six. Whispering Canyon has helped that dream come true!  She has learned so much from Merrill and all the girls involved. She loves spending time with Sadie and at the ranch. She has anxiety and the horses are a calming presence. It has also helped her learn hard work and responsibility.  She is excited to see what the future brings in this awesome program!


Aurora & Chili (Sponsor needed)


Aurora loves being at Whispering Canyons.  Her father was diagnosed with a debilitating noncurable disease while he served in the US Navy.  This change caused Aurora's life to turn upside down and caused her a great deal of anxiety and worry.  She needed a place that could be a safe haven away from worry and distress.  She has never had a chance to work or ride horses but had always wanted to.  December 2017 she became part of the program at Whispering Canyons and she has flourished.  Whispering Canyons has become her safe haven and Chili has become her listening ear and calming support during hard times. She has learned the value of hard work, the beauty of selflessness, and the courage she gains from doing hard things is unmeasureable.  


Lilly & Shilo (Sponsor needed)



Erin & Roxy (Sponsor needed)


Becca & Quigley (Sponsor needed)


Rachel & Spice (Sponsor needed)


McKenna & Missy (Sponsor needed)


Tristin & Brooks (Sponsor needed)


Cloe & Riversong (Sponsor needed)


Darcey & Scout (Sponsor needed)


Emery & Sugar (Sponsor needed)


Mahayla & Keno (Sponsor needed)


Tia & Dude (Sponsor needed)


Meelah & Rain (Sponsor needed)


Alorah & T-bone (Sponsor needed)


Layla & Lady Joy (Sponsor needed)


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